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Hundred years, and the mysterious Fraser still get out of the this original jungle maze, or willingly exiled hidden into the cloud … Fraser, has been forgotten defloration travelers. Heavy Dengfu Long Harbour, inadvertently Fraser pass his cap and still dripping with dew, the solid boots will afford the bald, he never looking behind my back to put out a “good faith gesture, smartly jumped into the the Mang grove. At the moment, “Fraser’s Hill,” the Chinese name of the mountain, pronounced the benefits significantly tacky, the Fraser Hill, English formerly known as, instead romantic many.

This is a resort developed by a British colonial government. In the 1880s, the British business travelers Lewis accounted for. James Fraser and his donkey team is active in Malaya trunk Mountains Mining traders. All depends on the plank road leading to the ancient hair, his sight always teach people so familiar, until one day, he suddenly disappeared with the whole donkey team, evaporated in the air. Over the years, no one knows he is when and where, why and missing, thereafter, Fraser became the Legend of the Mountains.

In 1917, British CJ Ferguson David and AB Zhanping Mu division went to a vacation in A Fu (Gap), in view of the European countries who began the influx of Southeast Asia, they also receive orders from the colonial government, the way to identify local let these business travel holiday appropriate location. Report to their superiors, the two returned to Singapore from the ancient wool town between the highway leading to the labor Do not have Lai, a mountainous area suitable for the provision of a highland resort. They describe the easy development spending is also low, it is recommended. The following year, the British colonial government laid off members to conduct on-site visits, and immediately after the massive construction projects. In 1952 Malaya British imperial ambassador George Maxi Wei pointed out in a report, Fraser Hill will become a beautiful tourist destination in the next few years, it will quickly foreseeable.

The Frasers until now also retain the flavor of the colonial period. Stepped into the 21st century, many people without knowing where a teacher out of Fraser’s Hill, “Fraser”, who would know that it is one of the last century, the British “missing persons”? 20th century, has been shuttling dies, except in Fraser’s Hill also retains many of the road names in English formerly known, including Lady Guillemard Road, High Pines Road, Lady Maxwell Road, Richmond Road, Mager Road and Girdle Road. The touch of Canhong in the hills one end of the faint Vanishing Fraser mule driver was feeding voice sounded faint in the other end of the mountain. Not home travelers, Fraser, the introduction of miss defloration travelers …

Bukit Fraser (Fraser’s Hill)

Not far away from the scorching city, located one above the the beautiful the Land ─ tranquility and calm of the altitude. Morning dew settles fronds. The reflected solar colorful arrangement, such as soap bubbles floating in the breeze. Faint, lingering clouds surrounded by rolling hills sweeping cold air and early morning mist. Small area of the seven hills of Kuala Lumpur, about one hundred and three kilometers, the original life 名乌鲁特拉斯 (Ulu Tras), just down along the Emperor Emperor Dongwangsha Mountains (Titiwangsa Range). This range is the backbone of Peninsular Malaysia. Trend in southern Thailand border all the way down, and end in Negeri Sembilan (Negri Sembilan), falling below 1000 meters.

How to get there:

  • By car from Kuala Lumpur to the new ancient hair (Kuala Kubu Baharu) takes about an hour, and then up the hill from the foot of the mountain controller, can be reached in Fraser’s Hill. On, the Lower Fraser control by periods on the road, please drive friends pay attention to the order of the vehicle uphill and downhill. If you plan to take a bus to Fraser’s Hill, to a new ancient hair from the Fudu Kuala Lumpur (Pudu Raya) Station, then transfer to the bus on Fraser’s Hill. Twice buses a day go to the new ancient hair in 12:00 from eight in the morning and at noon or 05:00. The bus down the mountain from the Fraser’s Hill, two points at ten o’clock in the morning and afternoon.

Travel Tips:

  • If you are in the next nights down the mountain, near Kuala Selangor Dam to find the appropriate location to stop in order to watch a spectacular sunset. As much as possible so that you can see the mountains in the daytime Fraser’s beautiful scenery.